GLAMOR: Grounding Language in Actions, Multimodal Observations and Robots

Welcome to the GLAMOR Lab ✨ at the University of Southern California! We bring together natural language processing and robotics to connect language to the world (RoboNLP). Our lab is broadly interested in connecting language to agent perception and action, and lifelong learning through interaction.

Research Areas

Language & Perception

Language paired with sensory perception like vision, audio, and haptics. This scope includes audio-visual speech recognition, visual dialog, and recognizing heavy means increased physical weight.

Embodiment & Action

Language paired with or leading to world actions. This scope includes learning that left corresponds to a spatial orientation, and that it's hot is a pragmatic warning against physically touching an object.

The Social World

Language is what language does, and so language use in social contexts to cause changes in others' behavior and states of mind is the highest scope for grounded natural langauge use.


Jesse Thomason

Principal Investigator